AWARENESS: Where do you want to be? What results do you want to achieve? Where are you now? Identify the performance gaps to achieve your desired results.

• Identify Performance Objectives
• Determine Current Level of Performance
• Calculate Performance Gap

PLANNING: Individuals set specific and measurable goals aligned with company goals and develop a detailed plan of action. Begin immediate application of techniques designed to change their behavior and develop new habits necessary to achieve the results.

• Develop a Dynamic Plan of Action
• Determine Methods of Tracking Results
• Measure Progress as it Occurs

DEVELOPMENT: Over several weeks, participants will have the time to master new skills and ways of thinking. New behaviors are applied to real business issues to ensure long-term, ongoing results.

• Identify Critical Success Factors
• Establish Key Function Indicators
• Integrate Behavior Changes into Daily Productivity

RESULTS: By weekly mentoring, evaluation and tracking, your return on investment is documented and realized along with other areas of improvement.

• Document and Communicate Return on Investment
• Identify Additional Areas for Continuing Improvement
• Implement Results-based Culture for Accountability and Long-Term Results

What gets measured gets accomplished