Rebecca Pratt, Principal and Owner

Rebecca Pratt is a proven, successful strategic leadership coach with over twenty-five years of managerial and leadership experience working with a global educational organization in the areas of global education and teachings, hospitality, development, global marketing and promotions, and leadership development. In 2001 she developed and taught leadership empowerment programs in Asia, Europe, and the United States. This work inspired her to build her own business in leadership development and coaching. She graduated from The Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) Coaching Program and Leadership Development Program in 2004.

In the last decade, Rebecca has successfully built Pratt Effective Leadership, a consultancy practice specializing in strategic organizational and leadership development, executing effective interactive programs that help individuals, departments and teams at every level of an organization clearly define and achieve their goals, as well as measure their results.

Her main clientele are chief executives, business owners and multi level executives who work in banks, hedge funds, law, technology, fashion and jewelry.

Rebecca has served both private and public entities such as DIG, an organization providing leadership programs for inner city teens in New York City and building a not-for-profit Leaders for Peace with her colleagues in 2005. She has created and given workshops, programs, tele-classes and seminars empowering businesses, women, and individuals providing skills to overcome obstacles and to empower them towards greater fulfillment and success in life and career goals.

Throughout Rebecca’s career, she has produced measurable results that have enabled her to successfully grow her thriving consultancy practice by referrals only. Rebecca’s success is due to her exceptional ability to hone-in on the client’s primary agenda and transform, inspire and motivate the client towards grounded, actionable steps experiencing success and fulfillment in the process of achieving their goals.

In 2009, Pratt Effective Leadership partnered with a global leader in executive, organizational and leadership development, Leadership Management International Inc. (LMI). Through this partnership, Rebecca has continued to grow her business, providing leadership and management development programs with a successful and proven process developed over the last forty years and offered in sixty countries with a guaranteed measurable result.

Pavitra Ciavardone, Associate

Pavitra Ciavardone, CPCC is a Resiliency Specialist, Leadership and Organizational Coach, speaker, and radio host. A former Emergency Care respiratory therapist, Pavitra has extensive experience in the non-profit and volunteer sector, where she held several leadership positions in administration, fundraising, and program development for 15 years. Pavitra has practiced meditation for over 25 years and received clinical training in Mind Body Medicine through Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Benson-Henry Institute. In 2007, SHAPE Magazine selected Pavitra as their official Life Coach expert for the 2007 Weight Loss Diary column. She was instrumental in helping Weight Loss Diarist, Dara Chadwick, surpass her 25 lb. goal for the year, as well as achieve a career milestone of publishing her first book.

Pavitra brings her Resilience expertise and richly eclectic background to the Pratt Effective Leadership team. She combines her first-hand experience of overcoming personal adversity, with a depth of professional knowledge and skills, to help individuals and organizations build the core Resilience to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. A captivating and powerful speaker, Pavitra inspires leaders and their teams to achieve positive growth during setbacks and challenges, while providing Leadership Management International’s proven systems to increase adaptability, promote effective communication, and enhance overall performance.